Online live casino games – which ones have the best odds?

Online casino games are a major draw to many, more so than their real life, physical counterparts. However, it’s very easy to jump into a shiny new live casino, make a deposit and start gambling without a thought for one of the most basic, but most overlooked considerations… which casinos have the best odds? Whilst the chances of a payout are truly random (anything else would be fixed and therefore illegal!) it is possible to spend one’s money smartly on casinos that offer better payout odds for when you do hit a win.

New Means Good…

The best casino odds very often come from newcomers to the game. Go online and compare odds through any one of the many independent comparison sites and the best chance of winning will normally be from a casino just starting out. The reason behind this is quite simple and obvious…higher odds attract new players, boost the casino’s presence and stump the competition.

Take Advantage of the Bidding Wars!

Very often, one casino will instigate a bidding war by piping up with a very attractive set of odds. Whether a one off, a permanent odds increase or a promotion running over the life of a well publicised event (for instance, a famous ‘real world’ poker tournament will often be followed by online live UK casinos trying to stoke interest by offering better poker odds than usual) the moment that a casino leads the way in bettering odds, it’s almost guaranteed that other, larger and possibly more popular casinos will follow suit and stack their odds just a little bit higher. And just like that, a bidding war is on. It’s important to sit it out in the initial battle, as, whilst the new odds might seem attractive, the obvious attempts to compete will be even more so. Head back to that comparison website a few hours or days in and you’ll see a vastly different set of numbers.

Different Odds For Different Games

For this scenario, let’s have three casinos, named casino A, casino B and casino C respectively. Casino A may have some great odds when it comes to having a flutter on horse racing, but their odds for blackjack may be horribly low. Blackjack may only pay out as little as 1.5:1 (whilst 2:1 is the norm, there are some who stoop even lower.) Casino B is much more of a ‘table-centric’ outfit, offering great odds Blackjack, with a 21 payout coming in at 3:1. Yet casino C is really more of a poker player’s paradise, with better odds for Texas and Omaha Hold ‘Em and Pai Gow. No one casino is going to have the biggest draw across all of its tables, and this is once again where the ability to compare odds comes in. Click the game of choice and many comparison websites will pipe up with who is offering the best odds on that game at the minute.

Desktop or App?

Not always the most important variable, but still one that can throw a few more pennies your way in a win, is the difference between online live UK casinos in their desktop and mobile app equivalents. Fancy a spot of blackjack? It may well be the case that, for a limited time, if you use the mobile app rather than a desktop website or application, you can benefit from higher odds. This is normally just an attempt to boost interest and traffic to a new, fledgling operation, but in the case of bigger bets, it can mean a huge difference in payouts.

Real or automated?

Much like the ‘desktop versus app’ debate, the difference between automated table games and live video dealers throwing your cards can often be subtle but pleasantly surprising. There is no hard and fast rule, and it’s never going to be guaranteed, but if you’re looking to play poker, for instance, it’s worth looking at the odds for both the automatic and ‘real dealer’ variants.

There is no general overall rule for who has the best odds. It really does come down to who is offering the most attractive draw at the time of comparison. But knowing the subtle circumstances that can alter these odds is the first step towards delving in and knowing each time that you’re playing with the best odds.