Online Casino Reviews: What You Need to Know

Online casinos have enjoyed a growing popularity in recent years. No longer are these sites utilised by professional gamblers alone. On the contrary, universal access and a host of gaming options have allowed this industry to massively expand during the past decade. There are now hundreds of different portals to choose from and naturally, some are much more respectable than others. This is the main reason why obtaining a trusted review is so very important. What are some of the metrics which these third-party portals take into account and how can you use the information provided to make the best choice when the time is right? Let’s take a look at what aspects are typically analysed and how these observations will fit into the “big picture”.

The Number of Games

This is generally the first main topic covered by the majority of online casino reviews. Let us not forget that most players have a favourite platform such as poker, blackjack, bingo or slots. So, the best online portals will offer a kaleidoscope of options to choose from. This is also an excellent indicator that the site in question is worth a closer look.

The Available Bonuses and Promotions

There is no doubt that the online casino can provide users with endless hours of fun and excitement. However, there are actually many more advantages than initially meet the eye. Discerning players are always searching for platforms which offer bespoke bonuses and promotions. We can think of these services as the proverbial “icing on the cake”. There are normally a number of unique bonuses available and depending upon the provider, one or more may be offered. A handful of the most common include:

  • Matched deposit bonuses.
  • Bonuses offering a percentage of the funds which are deposited.
  • Credits or “points” towards live gameplay.
  • Daily and weekly promotions.
  • VIP rewards.
  • Cash-back offers.
  • Bonuses which will accrue and be collected when the player has won a specific amount of money.

The majority of quality review sites will list such offers at or near the top of the page so that readers can quickly appreciate what is (and what is not) available.

Payment Options

Being able to deposit and withdraw money is obviously critical for paying customers. Modern technology has once again provided a number of handy and helpful choices. Still, not every casino will provide the same electronic transfer methods. We should also note here that a variety of transfer options is generally a reliable indicator that the site can be trusted. Smaller portals are not nearly as flexible and they might not be sufficiently regulated. Some excellent payment methods to note during any review include:

  • Skrill
  • PayPal
  • Credit and debit cards.
  • Wire transfers.
  • MoneyBookers.
  • Neteller.

These services are quite flexible and they can be used by those in foreign countries with ease. Additionally, e-payment options are excellent ways to avoid excess fees that could otherwise be charged by a personal bank.

Security Features

Online security is always a very real concern and in recent times, there have been a number of occasions when personal details or banking information have been compromised due to the fact that a client used a less-than-reputable online casino. Encryption and the protection of private data are therefore critical to take into account well before signing up for a specific site.

All technicalities aside, the most trusted virtual casinos employ a type of encryption known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). In fact, you may have noticed this icon on the bottom of certain home pages. The main benefit of SSL encryption is that all information and details are sufficiently hidden from the prying eyes of others as well as automated “bots” such as phishing scams. Review sites will normally describe the type of security that a casino offers. It is always best to avoid any portals which do not employ this layer of protection.

Levels of Customer Support

Customer support speaks volumes about the reputability of an online casino. Some even consider this topic to be a virtual “barometer” in terms of what they can expect after registering. In terms of support, the best companies will offer a few different methods. These include:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • An online chat widget

It is also critical to take into account whether this support is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Many reviews will rate a specific site partially based off of the levels of support available. From the point of view of the player, being able to receive assistance when it is required is an important benefit to keep in mind.

Mobile Compatibility

While the laptop is still quite popular, there is no doubt that the smartphone revolution is now upon us. A growing number of customers are utilising mobile devices to access virtual casinos. It therefore makes a great deal of sense that mobile responsiveness is mentioned in the majority of thorough reviews. Can the casino be accessed while out and about and if so, will the pages display correctly? Does the firm offer the same levels of security that would be encountered when utilising a personal computer? Finally, do the pages load quickly when they are being accessed from a smartphone? The ability to adapt to the mobile “revolution” is another indicator of a quality casino portal.

Deposit and Withdrawal Levels

Not all players have the ability to deposit a massive amount of funds. What are the minimum deposit levels that a casino will offer? These tend to vary between $100 dollars and $500 dollars (or the equivalent currency). In the same respect, what is the minimum amount of money that can be transferred to a bank account within a given period of time? In terms of planning personal finances, these are important concepts to appreciate. So, most reviews will provide a detailed description of these limits.

Commissions and Fees

This is another important issue tackled by online review sites. Commissions and fees can eat into overall profit levels and in some cases, even negate rewards entirely. Most respected providers will minimise these requirements and in some cases, eliminate them altogether. This is a highly competitive industry and we should fully expect that different programmes will offset such financial burdens. So, always make it a point to review this section carefully. It is also a good idea to visit the casino site in question to make certain that their policies have not changed since the review article was initially published.

Jurisdiction and Regulations

Accessing an Internet casino can be challenging for those who may reside in certain parts of the world. For example, those living within the United States are often prohibited from accessing portals located in other regions such as the European Union or the United Kingdom. However, these rules and regulations are slowly beginning to change. A growing number of gaming portals are able to offer their services to customers from around the world. The majority of casino reviews will clarify any jurisdictional issues at the top of the article. This can save the player a great deal of time if he or she is located in a region that is prohibited.

The first step in choosing the most appropriate casino is obtaining a quality and trustworthy review. As these summaries tend to be very objective, you can rest assured that you will be receiving accurate information. It is nonetheless a good idea to take a look at multiple review sites as well as to refer to the casino in question to make certain that the details have not changed.