For a more competitive spin, try online slot tournaments!

If you enjoy playing online slots you will probably also really enjoy playing in online slot tournaments. These forms of betting are getting more and more popular at the moment and they offer a new and exciting way of making money. Some prize pools can be absolutely massive so they are a good additional way of making profit online. There are a variety of online casino tournaments types which we will look at and explain their differences here. We will also take a look at a few slot tournament tips and strategies you can use to maximise your chances of being successful and making more money.

Types of Online Slot Tournaments

Sit and Go

Sit and Go is one of the most popular and is offered by many online UK casinos. Users pay the buy in fee to enter. There is a set number of players who play for a set time limit, and once time is over prize money is distributed amongst the leading players.


These are tournaments that are free to enter and the casino will set a time limit for game play. Players then use their allotted amount of time to rack up as many credits as possible. When time is over the leading players will win the prizes.


A tournament will usually last around an hour and players are alloted five minutes to play. Once that five minutes is up they can rebuy to play again to improve their chances of winning. Although rebuys are optional in a Reloader tournament, other players are going to use them so they will need to be used to be able to win.


This is a fast paced, lively competition. These are knockout style competitions that the casino will clearly state what the specific rules are. As a common example, a casino will set three rounds that are five minutes each. The top half of each round will be able to move to the next round and the top ten survivors in the final round will take home prizes.


Similar to survivor style tournaments in that a player needs to keep playing for as long as possible. The use of add ons and rebuys are essential to win here.


As the name suggests these are tournaments that the casino has set a specific time for and planned well in advance. Players pay a buy in fee to enter. Sometimes the prizes are unaffected by the amount of players that buy in, other times a greater amount of buy ins will increase the prize that will be shared with the winners.

Slot Tournament Tips

Along with luck the two most important things you need to work on are your concentration levels and your speed. Tournament time can seem longer than normal time as you are so involved with the game, so some people get tired and their concentration begins to lag. Make sure that you are rested and fresh before entering a tournament to make sure that your concentration levels are high and you will be able to play as well and as focused as possible.

There is set time limit to a tournament so speed is paramount. Make sure you are hitting everything as fast as possible and keep you finger over that spin button. Don’t let anything distract you from racking up those credits and slowing down – no premature celebrating and don’t let your curiosity of how others are doing get in the way of you playing your game.


Online slot tournaments are very popular way of making money at online UK casinos and you can probably see why. Apart from the prize money that is on offer they can also be a lot of fun to play due to their speed and competitive nature. Do your research, see what style of tournament suits you best and give them a go. Good luck!