Does having a strategy help you play online casino slots?

Many gamblers will often wonder while playing online casino games if there is a strategy or ‘tell’ to a game that can help give you an edge. Finding hidden advantages in a games like online casino slots is something all gamblers strive for. Legitimate bugs and other exploits are hard to find and usually kept secret, as any online casino in the UK will be very quick to disable and patch it once it becomes known to them. However, there are some general tips and strategies you can use to legitimately give yourself a slight advantage.

Online slots tips

You would be forgiven for thinking that when it comes to online slots strategy, there’s no much to it. After all, you mostly just pull a level/swipe a screen/press a button and hope for the best, right? While that is true for the most part, and there’s little you can do to influence an individual game, you can however choose which slots game you play to your advantage. After all, each casino will run its online casino slots slightly differently, and the software powering the games will not be the same at every casino. By compiling and comparing data between different slots games, you can work out which slots games are most likely to result in a win. Luckily, there are readily available resources where you can check out the odds.

Comparing online casino games

By searching for casino comparison sites, you’ll find plenty of resources where many different online casinos are compared and contrasted. You’ll want to pay attention to a few specific data points, depending on what exactly you want from your casino games. Generally when it comes to slots that means your odds of winning, so you’ll want to look out for the payback percentage. This basically means the amount that the slots machine pays out as a percentage of what it takes in. Since online competition is both fierce and plentiful, you’ll find most online slots games should have payback percentages of 99% or more. With so much choice, it’s generally not worth playing slots with payback percentages lower than that. Just note it does not mean you’re guaranteed to win most of the time you play, as distribution is skewed (ie some players will win big, others smaller amounts or not at all), but it does mean over the long term you are more likely to come out ahead.

Progressive Jackpots

Try to find online slots games that pair a high payback percentage with a generous progressive jackpot. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that grows a little bit each time people play and don’t win. Choose slots games with large progressive jackpots. It doesn’t mean you’re more likely to win it, but on the off-chance that you do it means you’ll win a significantly larger sum of money.

Keep a check on your expenditure

Lastly as more of a preventative measure, it’s advisable to always monitor your expenses and the amount of money you are gambling. Casinos and online games are very carefully designed to keep players playing for as long as possible, while trying to distract or downplay how much money you are spending. Even for gamblers who consider themselves sensible with their money, it can be easy to get lost in the moment chasing a big win and going overboard. You can help prevent this from happening by gambling using pre-paid debit cards. These come loaded with a certain amount and are not tied to any bank accounts, so you can only ever spend up to the value of the card. This makes it much easier to control your spending and also helps protect you against online fraud.


Using the tips listed above, you should be able to develop some strategies that will help give you an edge when it comes to online casino slots and online gambling in general. The house will always have the ultimate advantage, but armed with knowledge of what to look out for, you can help yourself by choosing to only play games with the very best odds in your favour. You may not win every game, but at least when you follow the above tips and strategies, you increase the odds of winning more over the long term as much as possible. Gambling is all probability, so maximising your chances of winning is really the best strategy possible, not any simple gambling “trick”.